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    Help! fridge freezer probs

    Hi, just wondered if someone could help me? i am not a fridge expert but i do sometimes deal with aircon at work on lorries, about 18 months ago we bought a beko fridge freezer unit and yesterday it died and all our food defrosted, the inside light was opperating but i could not hear the compressor running or the circulation fan in the freezer compartment so i proceded to check all wires and connectiontions for continuityfound i had power into the unit ok and up to the adjustable thermostat in the fridge but no power from the black wire out of the thermostat wich as far as i could trace ran to the motor via a couple of units wich i assume were some kind of switches? on closer inspection of the thermostat i found a small brass screw wich was screwed in about half way i unscrewed the screw fully and found there was a brass tag underneith it so i reinserted the screw power up the unit and screw it in after a few turns the compressor and circulating fan burst into life so i reassembled the unit and left it to run on the lowes (warmest) setting the freezer has frozen the ice cube tray and the fridge is cold maybe a little to cold although its on the lowest setting now i have a small ice build up in the back of the fridge and the circulation fan continusly runs wich i dont remember it doing befor also the compressor does the same, the compressor also is very hot i can just about hold my hand on it for about 3 seconds
    Anyone got any ideas? is this normal?

    many thanks Glen

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    Re: Help! fridge freezer probs


    It looks like a stat problem.

    Im not familiar with this type of fridge, I think the brass screw youve turned in may be the stat adjustment

    Try taking a pic and post
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    Re: Help! fridge freezer probs

    Yep Glen you have now de-calibrated the thermostat.

    It is possible that it was faulty already so don't feel too guilty.

    The compressor can run hot depending on the load and length of running time; if it was too hot then the safety switch on the compressor would probably trip and shut it down.
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