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    Post Why can't I post my question?

    New to the site. Just registered and went to post a question. Page said I had posting privileges. Submitted a post--nothing offensive, off-color, etc and said posting was denied because I had "too many URL's" in the message--I had no URKL's in the message. Really need to try and get some answers about my refrigeration question from the forum members ASAP and want to post NOW. What did I do wrong? How can I post?????

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    Re: Why can't I post my question?

    Change the wording slightly.
    Another new member had issue's posting certain words including "mobile" and certain numeric sequences.
    Or try post it line by line to find which bit is causing the problem.
    It's all to try spot hit and run spammers..

    Or try PM it to me and I'll try post it for you.
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