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    Help with walk-in cold room and Freezer

    Good morning from Thailand.

    I am a OLD A/C refrigeration tech, over 20 years ago.
    I have a customer that has 2 Walk in's a cold room and a freezer.
    I won't go into the history, but one doesn't work and 1 only operates with a low R-22 charge.
    There is an electric Valve in the liquid line on the outside of the building where the tubing enter the building.
    There is a IR33COHBOO controller in a control box outside the walk in door.
    The condensing unit is on the roof about 6 feet above the evaporator the tubing length is about 18 feet.
    The condensing unit is directly in the sun 12 hours a day. Average air temperature here is 34C
    humidity 80%.

    Every so called technician has had a go at the systems in the last 2 years, they never worked properly or for long since they were installed5 years ago, and all components have a 2006 date on them, there is no wiring diagram.

    I can not find the manual for the IR33COHBOO controller.

    As usual here in Asia no name, no drawings, no marking, just the supplier and he has no information, to old.

    I have committed to get the system running.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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