I bought a secondhand cold/freezerroom unit on auction in very good working condition but the panels was in a very bad shape. I ask cooling friend to test the unit and all things work. I post all details if somebody could help me with the correct size for coldroom and freezer room to buy new panels who will work with unit Compressor Dorin 400 SP 6 / 4 260 450 60 , Airmender iso 9001, Oil separator OS 22 serno. 1007/07617/289 PSI31, Sud Electric AG Type DA 245 nr 705629 liquid line filter dryer DCL 163 023Z5008 Recoil Blower model NST 900 Motor watts 34 Freezer unit Finsam Grimstad RT 400 SErno 01374/13 P/s 50 A: 1,6