Dear All,

Below are the findings in my Testing of CO2 Visi-Cooler developed by me,

1. The system pressures are Ps= 30 Bars & Pd = 110 Bars (Under 41C)
2. The visi cooler is loaded with maximum load

What i am finding indifferent from conventional R-134a system is

1. The evaporator coils pressures/temperature falls very sharply as compraed to R-134a system. But the evaporator air out temperatures are always on higher side as compared to R-134a system, which i am not able to understand?
2.Air TD across the evaporator is 5-7 C, & across gas cooler it is 8-10C, Is it normal?
3. Gas cooler in is 45C & discharge is 100C.

Please answer if my system is balanced?

Amit Saxena