Its not worth it folks,
Admitedly from what i have seen and from what my HVAC guy tells me these units are decently built aside from the electrical boards. I have no problem with the units, they work well WHEN they work. They seem to be efficient and relatively quiet. The units them selves seem ok amd seem to be a great deal BUT

Theres always a BUT and to me this is a big one. The service blows.

I have had a board fail twice on my 12000 btu unit. The first time in the middle of january, took almost 1.5 months to get a new part. The next time June and took over 2 months to get the part replaced. Both instances under warantee. Under the last exchange they actually wanted me to pay for shipping on the return item when i had to already pay to ship them my defective board before they would even consider sending me out a new one.

The service tech is named Casper and i can see why, hes like a gohst. when you finally talk to him hes unorganized( had to send him my warantee cards by email 4 times and then include photocopies of them in the package i returned and he still couldn't find them) , doesn't appear to really know what hes talking about and then straight out lies to you. I was told the board sent to me recently had been bench tested on a unit and worked fine on their unit. I had it installed and it imediately threw a code E4. After much searching and research and again waiting for Casper to send me the troubleshooting procedure by email ( it took him 3 days and 2 phone calls to get him to do that) i found out that the jumpers on the terminal block were set to L1 to L4 and L2 to L3. It came from them like this. The unit will not work like this, their own spec shows L1 to L3 and L2 to L4. made this simple change and the unit is running now, for how long, who knows. I don't even care that they sent it out wrong, i care that they lied and said it was working on one of their units... there is no way for this to be the case.

So in the end, while these units may seem like a great deal, do your self a favour and buy a different more expensive unit with a good track record for service... it doesn't matter how much money you save if the units don't work, aren't relaible and there is no service. Had this unit for 10 months now, not working for 3 months, thers my 30% savings out the window with a boat load of frustration to top it with.