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    Aquarium flash cooler

    Now by "flash cooler" I am not not directly lowering the aquariums temperature.A 100 liter reservoir houses a 15 meter x 3/8" copper coil sleeved in "heat-shrink".This prevents the copper coming into contact with the water but has such a low "K" factor that it does not reduce the heat exchange qualities of the copper tube.The first system was in use for over 10 years with no degradation of the heat shrink.This makes it suitable for fresh or salt water aquariums. The compressor is a Hermetique 5531 - 2.5 H.P. on R.22 with an 80 cm. double capilliary 0.74mm.
    The first test on a 350 liter aquarium dropped the temperature in the reservoir from 32 C to 27 C in 4.5 minutes.The water is circulated from the reservoir by a small (350 lt/hr) water pump.I drill 2 x 1/2" holes in the aquarium wall so the overflow can return to the sump.I am gradually connecting 3 vacuum enhanced systems to the sump.The aquariums are in a storm netting housing that allows good ventilation but the outside ambient can be as high as 46 C in the summer.If left the inside temp. will rise to 36 C.
    One advantage of this system is that if you wanted to run aquariums at different temperatures a thermostat on each aquarium could activate the circulating pump.The sump temp would be set to a couple of degrees below the lowest temperature required.

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    Re: Aquarium flash cooler

    I am definitely interested in trying flexible tubing. Metal tubing is a headache sometimes.
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