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    Talking Capillary tube Chart for Lenght vs Size

    Hi all,

    I got a situation where I need Capillary tubes of size: 0.094'' ID 15.75'' Lenght. Problem is, the manufacturer I deal with doesn't have this ID and could be three months before he can send me some.

    I could get some 0.079 ID Cap tubes ( Closest I got on hand ) & I heard there were charts that could help me determine the right lenght to use. Where can I find those ?

    It would be for R-22 @ 30 000BTU/Hr , 1 outdoor unit & 3 Indoor , Inverter Compressor. Do I have to get the same exact Capillaries or can I calculate equivalency with those 0.079 ID ones ?

    I made the rule of three but really think it must be harder than that to find the equivalency.
    Here's what it looks like..:

    0.079 divided by 0.094 = 0.8404255
    0.8404255 times 15.75 = 13.236701

    So I would use a 13 7/16'' Lenght.

    Waiting for your Expert advises

    Nice site BTW !

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    Re: Capillary tube Chart for Lenght vs Size

    Attached is the Fluid diagram, I thought it might help.
    I need the Caps# 3,4 & 5, those at the end of the condenser.

    Thanks again !
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    Re: Capillary tube Chart for Lenght vs Size

    You could try the free calculation software from Danfoss, namely Dancap.

    It may help.

    edit: Just had a look at your diagram; those capillaries are part of the condenser unit, you do not have to add them to the system,
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    Re: Capillary tube Chart for Lenght vs Size

    try actrol capillary conversion chart

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    Re: Capillary tube Chart for Lenght vs Size

    Use this formula to convert the ID or length of a cap tube:

    (L1/L2) = (D1/D2)^5.4

    ^ means to the power of
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    Re: Capillary tube Chart for Lenght vs Size

    Thanks everyone !

    Since I wasn't too sure about the 'to the power of' thing & didn't want to go through the Danfoss Registration ( maybe another time though ), I used the 'actrol capillary conversion chart' & it worked as a charm.

    The exact dimensions were not there but I used the modifier of '0.095 to 0.08' ( 0.46 ) & applied it to my '0.094 to 0.079'. So I put 7 1/4 long of the 0.079 Capillary Tubes I had.

    It may not be the exact precise theorical fit but has to be close enough.

    Anyway, who cares about possessing THE perfect system as long as they got what they want & feel comfortable ..unless their a pain in the ass.. & we know there are some

    Thanks again,
    I appreciate your quick answers, and they were all good ones so once again, Very nice site !

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