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    ship's reefer chamber

    hi guys, i seek technical advise for small capacity refrigeartion system. what is the minimum size for the compressor to have low temp application say -12 to -18 deg c. i got existing installation of +5 to 10 deg c but need to convert it to minus temp of -12 to -18 deg c. do i need to change the compressor, evaporator or just chage the expansion valve type or adjust the setting. im cluel]ess on this matter.thanks in advance. this is just use for provision on board the ship.

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    Re: ship's reefer chamber

    is the room insulation thick enough to cope with the lower temperature,this is the first place to start before equipment selection
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    Re: ship's reefer chamber

    There is no "minimum size" for a compressor to pump low temps. Compressors are designed to run in a specific temperature range. Some do have a wide range of pumping ability, but not all of them.

    To determine if your compressor will pump a lower SST we need to know the model.
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    Re: ship's reefer chamber

    as said above, you will need to check room insulation thickness, accumulator for comp, different LP cut out (if out of range), different insulation thickness for pipe lines, different TX if load is changing.........there are many other things you need to work out including room flooring, defrosting arrangements....etc gud luck

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