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    fridge freezer not working after defrost

    Zanussi fridge freezer was defrosted yesterday and not working since... it has power going to it, the light is on and i can hear the motor working etc But everything is warm in the fridge and the freezer feels a bit cool but nothing more... not freezing

    Its an intergrated ff, when defrosted the power was just turned off and hot water in bowls letting the steam defrost the freezer.. have used this method loads of times

    The Freezer was over freezing before this defrost, it was even causing the back panel of the fridge to freeze up... it did make funny noises for the past 12 months, like a bubbling noise. That bubbling noise has now stopped??? Any ideas what could be wrong, just dont have the money to go buy a new ff at the moment!

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    Re: fridge freezer not working after defrost

    reset you timer its at the back of might be a faulty timer or a faulty thermostat.

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    Re: fridge freezer not working after defrost

    didnt know i had a timer on it.. will have a look, all i could see was a dial 0 to 5 and a red switch
    Thanks will check that out

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    Re: fridge freezer not working after defrost

    I dont think your fridge is frost free therefor no timer. Red button in middle of thermostat dial is to initiate defrost.

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    Re: fridge freezer not working after defrost

    Thanks for the reply, we emptied the fridge and unplugged for 24 hours, it did start up and all seem to be okay, but it is only working a tiny bit.. we are using the freezer as a make shift fridge until our new fridge arrives tomorrow.
    We went for a samsung American style fridge instead of the intergrated one..... great bargains out there at the moment so dont feel too bad and all the food is covered on my house insurance

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