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    Starting sorbet business

    Hello RE forums.

    Looking to start sorbet manufacture and sale business. Will start with small stand in shopping centre.


    Carpigiani Pronto 8c (late 80s model) ice-cream maker.


    Ice cream display cabinet. Looking at Framec/Mondial TOP6.

    Chest storage freezer. Looking at Vestfrost SZ248C.

    Portable cooler case (for carrying product from workshop to stand). Not yet researched.

    Thoughts/recommendations on these

    Where to buy at best prices.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Starting sorbet business


    You are on the wrong forum my friend, this is a tech base for refrigeration and HVAC technicians wordwide to pool their knowledge. We have more integrity than to enter into a dutch auction over price of equipment... Decide what you want and buy it. If you want advice seek local recommendations and call them. Just remember the cheapest price is not always the best deal, if your kit breaks down on a busy summer day you want the co. that comes out to sort it - even if that means paying a few hundred quid more

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    Re: Starting sorbet business

    Fridge doctor,

    Have already decided on the equipment as mentioned in the post.

    Was looking to see what REs thoughts/views were on these brands.

    The question of where to buy was not main concern although I don't see what's wrong with it in any case. Am not looking to buy from anyone here if that's what you're inferring.

    Hardly anything is local these days with the internet although obviously I'm sticking to vendors in England.

    If this isn't the right forum maybe you can recommend another one.

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    Re: Starting sorbet business

    Hi Frederic,

    I mainly work on bigger stuff, but the advice i would give you in choosing equipment is to make sure it is made by the people who's name is on it, that is to say they are an actual company and that some chancer isn't just badging up cheap stuff as their own.
    What happens is that when fridge needs parts said chancer has now disapeared and the factory that made you fridge is likely as not now making garden furniture or such, monkey then gets moaned at as he can't get parts....

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    Re: Starting sorbet business

    maybe for your portable job you could fit wheels to a frame to mount a small chest freezer on,or waeco engel etc.i know little about your other stuff but i do cringe when i see them over here as the european stuff 99 percent of the time cant handle the heat.
    mmm to beer or not to beer...........lets drink breakfast

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