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    R1270 system oil return question

    In R717 system,the R717 density is lower than oil,and they are not dissolve.SO we can separate the oil in condenser or receiver.But in R1270 system,I know R1270 density is lower than oil(is it right?).but I don't know if they are dissolve each other like R22,If they are dissolve each other,I think only the evaporator need a oil collector.I use CPI synthetical oil.

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    Re: R1270 system oil return question

    It is a different way to be solved.
    Normally the ammonia refrigeration systme use the mineral oil. On this condition the oil is weighter and exist on the bottom of flooded evaporator. I think it isn't necessary to consider the oil in condensor and high pressure receiver. If you use the miscible oil in the ammonia system (DX evaporator) ,don't care about that .
    R1270 refrigeration system use the CPI syn. oil. you can treat it same as ammonia. R1270 liquid density is smaller than oil.

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