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    Capacity Conversion Table

    Hello, I would like to check with you guys what is the proper method of calculating the capacity of an air-con unit. Please see below for the 2 different methods that I would like to check on, and the source that I obtained the calculations from.

    Source: Internet conversion table :
    1 Ton = 12000 BTU/h = 4.72 Horsepower = 3.52 kW

    Source: A few aircon servicing/repair companies
    1 Ton = 12000 BTU/h = 1.33 Horsepower = 0.99 kW

    Which is correct? Thanks

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    Re: Capacity Conversion Table

    The first one is correct.

    If you need a universal converter then please try this one...
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    Re: Capacity Conversion Table

    Second one is probably comparison from compressor refrigerant capacity to motor power consumed by compressor!
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