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    Fridge making high pitched noise

    Hi folks,

    I've been given a standard kitchen refrigerator that when I turned it on made a high-pitch "ooo" sound for many hours.

    The last time I heard such a sound it was from a car's air conditioning system and I think it indicated a leak.

    This fridge was made in 1997. It does smell quite bad, sort of a plasticky smell.

    Any ideas as to what the problem might be?


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    Re: Fridge making high pitched noise

    Could be capacitor!
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    Re: Fridge making high pitched noise

    Its likely to be a capilary system and these make noise as the gas passes the tiny pipe and also for a short while after its down to temp. I doubt it has a compacitor. the gas would still leak if it was off.

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    Re: Fridge making high pitched noise

    if the fridge was on his side for a wile,you have to let it straight up for 12 hours before you switch it one again.

    also take a look ad the compressor, is it a 50 ore 60Mhz and what is your's ??


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