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  • ? about hydrocarbon gas

    i am thinking about starting to learning a bit about hydrocarbon gases to save money. can any one tell me what the difference between r290a and lpg is . can any one tell me why u cant just use pure lpg in a fridge all u would need is a pt chart for it. does lpg have more moister in it
    because from what i can work out it seems to work fine we tried it in a domestic fridge and ran fine for 4 years
    This article was originally published in forum thread: ? about hydrocarbon gas started by iceberg1988 View original post
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    1. chillerman2006's Avatar
      chillerman2006 -
      R290 is a CLEAN refrigerant

      lpg ect is dirty, moisture and non condensables and foreign bodies

      also regrigerant grade hydrocarbons are stenchless/no smell

      as the stenching agent is absorbed by drier cores

      would say you got lucky with your domestic

      R's chillerman
    1. chillerman2006's Avatar
      chillerman2006 -
      waste of thread

      have replied to your article

      R's chillerman
    1. chillerman2006's Avatar
      chillerman2006 -
      have now found you have had all the answers here


      and these dont change by reposting the same question

      thread should be deleted really

      R's chillerman
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