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  • Australias first fridge.

    This cooler was one of Australias first cabinet coolers.

    Can be used with coal out of a fire , line the inner wall
    with coals , wet them down , and sit your cooler in the

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Australias first fridge. started by fridg View original post
    Comments 11 Comments
    1. refmech's Avatar
      refmech -
      Very Cool!
    1. frostedflake's Avatar
      frostedflake -
      awesome aussie tech!
    1. ZoO's Avatar
      ZoO -
      what will those aussies think of next?!?!
    1. mikebry's Avatar
      mikebry -
      Camping coolers use the same method today, with a water absorbent material on the outside covered with perforated aluminum and plastic inside,

      Good for keeping your beer cool Bruce.
    1. dogma's Avatar
      dogma -
      Nice Pics fridg. Long time no see... How is everything?
    1. chillerman2006's Avatar
      chillerman2006 -
      Nice post...very interesting... never seen anything like that before !
    1. Sumit's Avatar
      Sumit -
      Hats off to its inventor.. nice pics
    1. olgadrake's Avatar
      olgadrake -
      i think the pictures have been removed already.
    1. Thefridgedoctor's Avatar
      Thefridgedoctor -
      I`ve seen worse cabinets being manufactured today!Thanks for the pics, very interesting
    1. carrier_trained's Avatar
      carrier_trained -
      so this is the "Coolgardie safe" ??
    1. Toolman's Avatar
      Toolman -
      A fellow fridgy has a very good example of the next generation fridge to circa 1923 see pics at http://http://en.wikipedia.org/w/ind...pe=1&#Inventor
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