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  1. Heat reclaim condenser

    Dear Colleagues,

    I've "designed" something and it looks like Idea in heat reclaim/heat pump solution.
    Here is my diagram.
    The reason is to use water condenser simulteneously with air condenser. Water condenser has liquid volume capacity so there is no receiver. If there is need to recover condensing capacity water enters water cond. and refrigerant starts to condense. % of water condensing could be any.
    I doubt if hot gas could heat up liquid refrigerant ...

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  2. Oil color problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn Moore View Post
    Hi khaled
    2 questions
    1) How old is the system .?
    2) Has there been any new work on the system i.e. Pipe work ,brazing etc ?
    Having carried out many warranty strip downs on compressors and also investigated many system problems ,some of the following may help you find the cause of your oil problem.

    With the change from the old ***** gases to the new gases such as R404A,R134A, R407C etc meant also changing the type of lubricant from mineral oil to Polyoester