View Full Version : Trolley freezer & blast freezer

25-08-2007, 07:29 AM
We are working with both of the freezer types. In the B/ Freezer all the material is loaded at one time & as per design time, ( say 6 hrs) , the freezer is run & the frozen material is then taken out. The disadvantage is that the packing staff has to wait for almost 6 hrs & then there is a mad rush to pack the frozen stuff( which could be @ 10 Tons or so)

Alternatively we also offer Trolley freezer, wherein trolleys are loaded say after every 20 minutes & each trolley is taken out after 4 hrs or so. ( Each trolley carries @ 500 Kgs ) . Then the packing is streamlined so also the loading etc.

What is general experience on this. What is the right method of operating the Trolley freezer ( infact Frigoscandia has a this product).
I think even the ref. capacity can go down ???

More practical data please.