View Full Version : Supermarket Refrigeration

21-09-2002, 01:33 AM
Can anyone recommend me a book specialising on supermarket packs. Andy (Northern Ireland) do you know of any?

21-09-2002, 10:53 PM
Are you looking for "school" type books or sales-design info?

22-09-2002, 11:48 AM
School type. Operating controls etc.

25-08-2003, 11:08 AM
Hi Reggie:)
Dossats Principles of Refrigeration has a section which covers packs and typical configurations. But I don't know of a book just for packs. If you cover all that is in Dossats you will be able to work on virtually any specific type of refrigeration plant.
Kind Regards. Andy:)

Steve Wright
07-09-2005, 02:06 PM
If you can get your hands on a Kysor or Hussman service and installation book they would go a long way in helping you.

I belong to RSES (www.rses.org) an non profit that sells a SAM manual, I learned most of what I know from that, book knowledge that is.

If you goggle Hussman or Kysor you might get info on line.