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01-06-2002, 01:44 PM
It's seven oclock on saturday night.All the quotes estimates and designs are finished.The house is quite the family has taken a young guest back home after a stay over.Its time to have a quite drink and read the classifieds in the paper I bought two days ago but havent had the chance to pick up.
But no the phone rings.Its a custamer Ive done a few jobs for.
"I've got a problem and I think I'm going to need some professional help."
Hoping it wasn't anything I had worked on I asked for more details.
"It's with my freezer,-----------my pet possum is stuck in the compressor cavity" (a possum is a bit like a squirrel only grey and cute ((exept when they are in a compressor cavity))
Trying hard to contain my laughter I suggested that she turn the freezer off allowing the compressor to cool and place something enticing at the entry point and wait until morning.
"But I wont be able to sleep with possy stuck in there ,cant I cut those pipe thingies and get him out."
After suggesting that that was not the best idea I agreed to go and have a look at the situation.
On arriving I found the possum was in the compressor cavity(in the far back corner)with no apprent notion of moving.The axcess pannel was not axcessable due to fact that the freezer(700lt)was 20mm(3/4 inch) less in length than the room in which it was placed.
No way around it the customer couldn't sleep and I couldn't leave until the possum was out.The freezer had to be moved to the doorway so it could be slid out enough to allow the axcess pannel to be removed.No problem----But the room with the freezer is sunk down one step from the doorway.
With the severly limited room the freezer had to be lifted level as any tilt caused the top or bottom to snag the wall.
A 700lt freezer (and possum) weighs a considerable amount even if it is "nearly empty".After utilizing bricks, timber and any thing else we could find the freezer was parrell lifted and slid out the door.Four screws remove pannel and there is one possum ready to grab.
Having moved wild possums before I was equiped leather welding gloves hession bags the lot, but I was beaten to the punch by the daughter who placed her hand in picked up the possum and gave it a cuddle"ther there possy its alright now"
After replacing the axcess pannel and tapeing up the hole the possum got in in the first place,I manuvered the freezer back into its position with the thought of how do I charge this job.With the daughter holding the possum and thanking me and everybody happy I decided to just let it go .
It might have been a 30km drive and 45 minutes of contortsion but I got a good story out of it

Pay it forward and it will come back to you

01-06-2002, 02:03 PM
It might have been a 30km drive and 45 minutes of contortsion
but I got a good story out of it

And you told it well, with a smile in every sentence, and a laugh at the end.

Possums are incredibly different from other mammalia, now that I rethink them. They actually DO play dead as a survival tactic. Had one that not only fooled my dog who ravaged him or her, but also fooled me. I told the daughter that I would bury it in the morning only to discover it walked away during the night.

It is easy to relate this to being trapped in a freezer compartment when not really trapped.

Your story says much about possums, refrigeration repair and daughters and mothers.

I look forward to your next story.

02-06-2002, 02:17 PM
I would have charged for a service call! But, it was honorable of you. Sounds like it was more work than the average service call.

05-06-2002, 05:26 PM
See the little guy I am holding in my avatar... he would make quick work of that service call! :D

BUT... I suppose since it is a PET... good job Carey... hehehehe!;)