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27-09-2017, 10:27 PM
Hi Guys,

This is a new install, we've never installed Daikin before as they are expensive and shocking to deal with . This install has been spec'd by a consultant and the kit was just deliveried to us to install so I assumed this would be possible.

We have 3 identical systems consisting of;

1 x RZQG140L3V1
2 x FUA71C
1 x VAM150FC

So in total we have 3 x outdoors , 6 indoors and 3 x heat recovery units . Typically you would have 3 seperate remotes . No such luck . We got one BRC1E53A remote that is to control all 3 systems as if they were one. Having never installed daikin before we contacted support who informed us that you cannot control 3 seperate system from one remote as it would cause communication faults.
Apparently this is the standard for these installs i.e. Use one remote for multiple systems in the one open area. Is it not a matter of looping P1 and P2? We have been at one of their previous installs and this is definitely how they set the systems up. Any ideas?

21-10-2017, 11:22 AM
You've a twin split and VAM unit, connect P1-P2 from local control to VAM P1-P2 and then to one FCU P1-P2 that you decide is master unit out of twin split, then set the field setting 21-0-02 for master indoor unit to program it's a twin split