View Full Version : Daikin 3MKD28GV2S seems to be not ok after repair

14-09-2017, 06:38 AM
It had been leaking gas a long time. Problem find, 5 pores on the thin tube. I guess that is a manufacturing error.
I am not sure the AC is ok. I have done like this. I set the remote to 18 C and turbo. I measure in the outlet tube in the ceiling with a digital thermometer. This is a concealed system. I note every minute up to 30 minutes. first minute is 16,7 and after 30 is 11,3. That means it take down the temp 5,4.
Then I compare with a Daikin 18,000 BTU in another room. That start at 20,0 and end at 8,1. Even if it starts higher it goes down lower, diff is 12. The first unit is a 24,000 btu, bigger than the second one. I think the first one should have bigger temp diff, but it has not. Thats why I think there is another problem.
After they soldered in a new tube and vakuumed, they fill up gas. But they didnt fill bye having a scale and filling the kg-s it should have. They checked the gauges. By doing this, can they be sure they have filled the optimal amount of gas so the system will work 100%?
Or can it be another problem?
One funny thing is that first system have much lower temp after 1 minute. But after that the change of temp is much lower than the second system
See if I can add the diagram I made