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26-08-2017, 10:44 AM
I have aquired a GAH i assume excalibur or javlin its a split system with twin fans in a ali housing for the evap and a flat roof moount condensing unit with electric motor usiing R404a, i say assume as its id labels are present but not filled in which did not help in the choice to buy or not to buy.
The system was bought from a scrappy as i need it for a project i am undertaking, looking at the electric motor its a AAB MT90L24-4 it says 240V and from that i made the assumption... (yes i know the mother of all F**k ups but i dont think im unique) from 240v it would be single phase, now i have it home and have got some drawings from GAH i can not fathom out what is what, due to all cabels being cut through all but a foot from each unit by the scrap man.

i have in a conduit ; red, brown, blue & earth so i assume this must connect to the same colurs from teh cable from the evap box?
Another conduit has 2 reds + earth feeding to the rectangle box and into a contactor then out to the motor, why 2 reds and a earth? is this single phase why no neutral as in black or blue?
this is where im getting lost as the GAH diagram has no colours given just L1 L2 Earth Or 3x L + Earth for 3 phase.
Lastly there is a conduit with 2 browns apurple and earth plus a 8 core for i assume the LAe Controler, again, what are the browns and purple for??




Can some one confirm or correct me as i dont want to jab some wires in a 240v socket just to see and cause issues,( pretty impossible as there are 4 in the first place)
Secondly can this be rewired to single phase if so how please, or lastly can someone recommend a suitable single phase replacment motor to fit in the originals place that will run the compressor ( to be using R134a) .
Help will be greatly appreciated.



26-08-2017, 02:15 PM
Ignore wire colours as meaning lives or neutrals.

Two reds to motor are probably live and neutral but check inside the motor terminal block to see wiring plan.

[Edit] Looking at photo it looks like main motor is single phase as there are some capacitors fitted too.

charlie patt
26-08-2017, 10:07 PM
First pick two reds live and neutral plus earth right hand loom evaporator lh loom battery supply controller and clutch wire for comp on engine
Second picture evap pan heater etc unit is single phase unit on 404 if you use 134 change tev pressure switches and adjust overload

27-08-2017, 09:09 PM
fantastic info charlie, you are a star... exactly what i needed to know many thanks.....