View Full Version : Thermall zone heatpump in A/C mode frosting from outlet on reciever

03-07-2017, 11:57 AM
I installed this in january 2016 another service company was out and has been adding refrigerant to system then quoted an indoor coil
so I get the call the lady has now shut it down it was kicking on and off when i get there this unit has a high psi control no low and the indoor coil needs replaced? (indoor coil has NO LEAKS) i started the system meanwhile i can hear it and I can see the green stuff comming from the bottom of this unit and i pumped it down and shot about 10# into a recovery tank and repaired the leak on the suction port 1/4 line to 7/8 connection just above the stub when suction line sweats to comp change the drier the original drier restart now it runs and it frosts from the 3/8 outlet of the reciever tank to the txv inside on the indoor coil wtf so im thinking it had gas added a few times so out it comes another drier evaccuated and yes moisture so weigh in the 13# to start and same thing is it possible the reciver is restricted? to be causing this when it shifts to heat the comp pulls 18 amps and pressure comes up but in a c mode I have 100 high 45 low comp amps 8 not shure where to go next It is in a gas station in ohio in the snow belt