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Vasio Vasev
29-06-2017, 06:27 AM
Hello guys,

I`m new to the Forum. Sorry if I`m not posting this topic in the right place.

I`m writing here to ask for your advice. Originally I`m from Bulgaria, where I worked as an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician for year and a half, dealing with splits, VRVs, VRFs. I came here in England (Bristol) before few months, currently I`m working in the Hospitality sector, I had to find some job to start with. But I`m really looking forward moving back to the Air Conditioning. As I started looking at the adverts about the jobs, I noticed that they want a lot of qualifications. Back home nobody wanted me to have any of those, so I`ll have to take them. Can you please give me an advice where and what courses should I start with? Do you think that I have a chance finding someone to hire me even without qualification just with experience and then to get them in time or I should start with them?

Thank you for your time,
Kind regards
V. Vasev

02-11-2017, 06:55 PM
Surprised nobody has posted a reply in so long?? Well you are either still in the hospitality sector or you're in the AC game.. Anyway the main qualification is through an apprenticeship scheme.. Goodluck getting that now though and also its 4 years long. Alternatively, If you know your stuff you can take an F gas test and get the certificate that allows you to work with refrigerant.. From there you will have to convince somebody to give you a job without your refrigeration and AC trade papers. Best of luck pal.