View Full Version : What do you think is the problem?

23-06-2017, 05:02 PM
Hi guys. I just want to get other ideas and tips with regard to this problem. I have a 10 yr old carrier AC unit. Still performing best though it is a little bit old. But last week I noticed that the air coming out of this unit is a little bit warm. I changed the capacitor and still not resolve the issue. I also heard an ice cracking sound inside. What do you think is the problem? (I am just started learning AC tech from the last 6 months, so my knowledge is still limited and I am still in the process of learning). Hope to get a feedback. Thanks in advance.

monkey spanners
23-06-2017, 09:02 PM
Poor cooling performance in a system thats still running, favorites would be shortage of refrigerant or air flow issues due to dirty coils.

The Viking
23-06-2017, 09:03 PM
Unlikely that you are looking at an electrical issue.

Start with cleaning the filter(s) and coil of the indoor unit, ensuring that there is good, free, unobstructed airflow. Then clean the outdoor unit's coil and ensure there is nothing obstructing the airflow.

If that doesn't work...
How warm is it outside in your neck of the woods at this time of the year? No chance the system is operation outside it's design envelope?

Otherwise you might be looking at a refrigerant leak.