View Full Version : Sanyo p 20 fault code

20-06-2017, 08:56 PM
2x Sanyo vrv 3 pipe SPW-C155DZH8 with r410a
Multiple indoors.
P20 fault re occurring on 1 controller
All units cool well together and separately
7 bar on suction and sweating back nicely but head pressure not measured just felt very hot and chickened out on putting my gauges on it.
Anyway both condenser fan motors barely rotating and not picking up any speed so I am guessing this is the reason for high discharge temp and pressure.
Spoken to Panasonic and they reckon it will probably be the boards as it is quite rare for the fan motors to fault like that.
Could it be overcharged?
Many thanks in advance.

30-06-2017, 04:22 PM
Hi Matt,
P20 = problem with gas charge ie high comp discharge tem \ hp trip or the C2 sensor exceeded 55-60C.
First off I'd check all the sensors - both temp and pressure sensors. You can do this via the wired controllers. Or hook same up to the outdoor to read sensors more simply.
Next I'd verify gas charge is correct - weigh it out and compare with commissioning sheet \ info for total system charge.
Environmental Site Supplies in Sutton, Surrey are ex-Sanyo distributors give them a call and ask for the Tech support, should be able to help.