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19-06-2017, 09:19 PM
Dear all,

need your help, because I want to help to my friend...

The question is ... how to replace damaged valve ...

Installed is Danfoss thermostatic valve body code 026H1164 is not available

pilot orifice code for above valve is 067B2790
thermostatic element code is 067B3310
and flange set code is 02N1032

Please help me with equivalent replacement ... if possible non electronic type!

Thanks for your time and effort.

Best regards, Josip

Glenn Moore
20-06-2017, 01:29 PM
you can use the ICM valve with ICAd it's an electronic solution or twin up a pair of TE 55 valves.
What is the systems design conditions and refrigerant type and I'll try to select required valves and any options possible

20-06-2017, 04:05 PM
As always, great advice from Mr Glenn

But sometimes you just want a big valve - like the old days...


Don't them 4 bolt flanges bring some memories!

Happy tinkering

20-06-2017, 05:16 PM
Hi Guys,
many thanks for suggestions ... maybe two pieces of TE55 can solve the problem ...

TE55 max capacity with R134a is about 220 kW
TRE80 max capacity with R134a is about 196 kW

PHT 125-1 at -5/45*C with R134a capacity is 428 kW

some new moment i.e. info:

old valve is PHTN 125 (R134a)
for about 500kW at -3/43*C

Thermostatic element code 067B3310 (cap 3 m)
Orifice No.1 code 067B2090
Valve body code 026H1164
Velding flanges 1 1/4" code 027N1032

Hope this will be of some help to find the best equivalent valve ... in general not electronic type

thanks for your time and effort.

Best regards, Josip