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16-06-2017, 09:46 AM
Hi dear colleagues
I am dealing with 2 sets of Stal Srm refrigeration screw packages S26A-25 and R55C-25C working with ammonia. These packages are planned to reconstruct and use for another plant. I need to know the cooling capacity of these packages which is inaccessible on the internet. I wonder if any one can give me some info on them. I need the cooling capacity on below conditions. where could I find the R5 and S26 series selection tables or cruves?
Te : -40 C Tc : 40 C
Also at
Te : -25 C Tc : 40 C

Here is my email : B.asadi90@yahoo.com
Thank you in advance

20-06-2017, 08:12 PM
Hi I2embo

no table or curve
from software
R55 at 50Hz/2970rpm, 287m3/h swept volume. without co, cooling capacity is
-40/+40C; 31,9kw / 40,9kw shaft power.
-25/+40C; 77,2kw / 46,8 kw shaft power.

S26 same conditions, 713 m3/h
-40/+40C 92,5 kw / 105,4 kw shaft power
-25/+25C; 207,2kw / 116,6 kw shaft power

beware, R5 compressors are delicate!!