View Full Version : HAN-L62 on UNI Aire ducted.

10-06-2017, 01:43 AM

I've been out to mates old ducted system in his house. It's a UniAire system with HAN-L62 controller and boards. Almost every time he switches it on he said it's dies within seconds, control pad blacks out, a minute later it comes to life and runs like a dream. Then randomly throughout the day it will black out. About 8yrs old.

Firdge side is great. no loose wires inside or out. Plugs on boards good. control pad terminals all tight. No burn marks on boards etc. It only did it once whilst i was there and by the time i jumped in the roof with my meter is was back on and pumping again!

Anybody have experience with the HAN-L62?

I bought one years ago to gut an old systems electrics and rewire as they are generic but other than that i've no fault experience.

$400 for a new board and controller
$150 for controller only.
or leave it until something goes bang?