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24-05-2017, 06:13 AM
I would like to design an Air Conditioner with the use of Solar Panel. For this, I need to reduce the power consumption of the Air Conditioner. One way to do this, is to use a lower power compressor like 0.5 ton, instead of 1.5 ton. I am not looking to reach 15 Degree Celsius temperature in a room but only to get 5 to 6 degrees lower temperature in the room. Something in the order of 25-30 degree Celsius room temperature. For this, if i change a 1.5 ton compressor in an ac to 0.5 ton compressor, will the split air conditioner work? Will there be any changes like with the need to make to split the air conditioner as such for it to work? Any suggestion ?

25-05-2017, 03:31 PM
How long is a piece of string to many variables
Room size, solar gain, ventilation, construction of room.

Then there are the mechanics of changing the size of compressor, as in expansion device etc etc etc

Come back when you have answers

26-05-2017, 05:38 AM
dear Blata,
Thank you for your reply. Yes i understand very well what you are saying.. Lets keep all the variables aside and concentrate on the compressor. lets forget about the cooling.. if in a Split AC if I change the compressor to a lower tonnage will I need to change the expansion valve also. Do I need to make changes to the other physical parts also.

The Viking
26-05-2017, 05:11 PM
Oh the joys of system and circuit design...

Unless you look at the whole circuit there really isn't any point to look at the individual parts.

In your example; You want to reduce the compressor to 1/3 of the original design... You are worried about TEV/EEV - Depending on the valve in use you may or may not have to change it (most EEVs would probably cope but do check the spec.).
But, after you got your compressor and TEV/EEV combo to work together you will most likely find that you don't get any duty what so ever out of your system... Lots of energy going in to it but very little to show for it.
Because a refrigeration system needs to be "in balance" in order for it to work.
You are now left with a condenser and an evaporator both of which are 3 times the size they should be for the system to work, not to mention the pipework.
The over sized condenser you can easily overcome by overcharging the system with refrigerant but what will happen in the evaporator... Too much heat is absorbed for the duty of the system making it unlikely that the compressor will be able to pull the evaporator temp down, also making the super heat way too high for the compressor to cope long term...

But the big question, if you want a 0.5 ton unit why start with a 1.5 ton system???


31-05-2017, 11:55 AM
Thanks for sharing.