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19-05-2017, 09:22 AM
Hi All

We are going into our first winter cold snap with a new Lennox air to water chiller/heat pump package and have had a few faults that I would like some assistance with. I have picked up looking over this unit while the usual engineer is unavailable. We have some manuals but they are not especially helpful.

As the ambient has dropped the chiller is now mainly running in heat pump mode providing hot water for factory heating. Twice this week the system has tripped on a combination of the following Fault codes:

24 "Water evaporator, Water Temperature, Inlet too low"
117 "Circuit 1, LP cut out"
118 "Circuit 1, Water Freeze risk"
217 "Circuit 1, LP cut out"
218 "Circuit 1, Water Freeze risk"

As it is heating water with the ambient air source evaporator, this is a little confusing!
- is there a setting that changes the wording to reflect what the heat pump is actually doing?
- does it think it is still protecting a water circuit (though its actually air) or is it just lazy alarm code wording?
- how do I get to the settings for these codes? I guess this is the level 3000 access?

Obviously the ambient air-on temp is getting low and eventually dropping out on the LP protection. Both circuits are fully charged and run quite happily as the ambient comes up.

Unit type: Lennox EAR2104SM4HYSLN R410a
CL60 controller with DS60 terminal.

Any help appreciated.

19-05-2017, 12:25 PM
does the unit operate on a time clock if so operate 24/7 to keep the water temp up and see if this cures your problem

20-05-2017, 12:48 AM
Hi Redroge

No time clock function, the factory temperature is maintained 24/7. Tripped again this morning on 24 & 217. Ambient is going down to 0 + windchill again tonight. I can monitor the factory temperature via a web browser so get some warning of when it has faulted.