View Full Version : Absorption Chiller Condition at Machine Dilution Cycle

29-04-2017, 09:17 PM
I have double effect York LiBr chiller (YPC-ST G 400USRT (http://cgproducts.johnsoncontrols.com/YorkDoc/155.17-om1.pdf)) & at dilution cycle the Absorber section solution gravity** reaches to 1.3 & gets very cool ..indicating excess refrigerant but how much excess?*** Plus at dilution refrigerant gets polluted (by LiBr) which otherwise under load conditions is crystal clear

Secondly under load conditions (back in winter) when condenser cooling water temperature was 25-27C we kept a maximum of solution gravity of 1.6-1.61 but as far as I know with increasing condenser temperature (presently in summer which is 31-33C) you have to increase gravity of solution to 1.63-1.65 to achive proper machine tonnage. Am I correct?

**Solution gravity is taken from a sample point at the outlet of absorber which also is discharge point of solution pump. All S.G @30C
***Meaning I can pull out the refrigerant but upto what solution gravity, is that to be 1.55 even at dilution periods (guessed from the fact that new LiBr chromate inhibited drums that we bought were initially at S.G 1.55-1.57)