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29-04-2017, 02:38 AM
Now if seems r404a is going out of the window for cold stores etc,what is the long term view for an alternative to it,and at what cost once I have my operation and j return to the industry it would be great to know what the views are,stockpiling is always on the cards which is bound to happen,the legal aspect of fitting new equipment running on r404a and its risks also interests me as most transport units are still made with r404a as a common refrigerant?

Rob White
29-04-2017, 09:21 AM

I have been saying for best part of a year that 404A will be gone by 2020.
What I did not realise is it will be 2018 when the reductions start in earnest
And the prices have been hiked up as expected.

404A is 63% more expensive than last year.

I'm looking at using R448A as a replacement.



charlie patt
29-04-2017, 10:09 PM
Follow tk cad one thing they are good at is picking the right gas on there kit for years

30-04-2017, 03:17 PM
So now that we all realise that Global Warming Potential is the biggy!
We were conned to get rid of R22 with an ODP of only 0.055 and a GWP of 1810 and we all rushed out and replaced R22 with a refrigerant of over double the GWP.

Starting to make me believe that climate change lobbies have lost the plot and are all just headless chickens!

30-04-2017, 04:46 PM
Correct,good old r22 cheap worked well