View Full Version : Helping in Selecting Industrial compressors

25-04-2017, 02:41 PM
Good morning!

I need to select a compressor for a Cold Room, it has 900 m3, and we are going to need 4 celsius degree. We have these recomendations:

1. INTARCON MDV-NF-8+ B3 3x6 CV R404A. 41,1 kW. 220V 3PH

2. Danfoss Maneurop 2X5 HP 220V 3PH

Wich one do you Recomend me??


The Viking
25-04-2017, 04:54 PM
Impossible for us, who have never seen your system or your installation, to say.

The best you can do is to ask locally to find a reputable refrigeration company/engineer and ask them to guide you.
Ask for a couple of different companies to give you quotes, then select one company to explain why they have recommended the kit they propose to install instead of what the competitor recommended. If you feel you can trust them and they gave a good answer go with them, if not go to the competitor...