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charlie patt
31-03-2017, 09:10 PM
Good evening all hope all is well, went on a national job today for a supplier a two door glass freezer 1x comp on h c refrigerant approx 50 cu ft had a issue of wet cardboard inside like pizza boxes and lack of temp on arrival unit at minus 23 on a mercury controller watch it cut in and out temp internally running approx minus 21 all fans etc all OK put on defrost its electric defrost and the evaporator fans kept running aha I thought so check controller and found evaporator fans and condensor fans found permanently hard wired ,I have had this before on condensors due to h c refrigerant but never evaporator but wiring looked tidy so called manufacturer who informs me yep that's correct evaporator fans run all the time ????? Somewhat shocked I asked why and at that point I was advised he did not no,,,,,,,,,,, so when coil defrosts at plus 6 the inside of cabinet is roughly plus 6 as well bloody food is nearly cooked technical again reassured me this is correct it has 4 120x120 square fans my question is why? Why run evaporator fans on electric df ? This is a trial cabinet I could not get hold of designer today to ask many thanks c g patt

01-04-2017, 06:41 AM
Sounds like you are on to something there Charlie.
I doubt the designer is going to admit he doesn't know the difference between a off cycle and electric defrost.
Let us know how you get on?