View Full Version : Hotpoint FFA70 red freezer temp light come on - sometimes

billy the fish
29-03-2017, 01:13 PM
Hi. For an hour or so every fewf days the red 'high temp freezer ' light appears. After a while it goes off. Sometimes the food feels like it is not quite a frozen as it should be. When I first noticed the light a few weeks ago I removed the trays - there was ice - from melted water - behind the bottom tray. I removed the ice carefully. The machine is generally noisier than usual. All ideas and advice would be hugely appreciated - many thanks:confused:

29-03-2017, 01:18 PM
Possibly the door is not sealing properly allowing warm air to enter the cabinet, thereby keeping the unit running longer than normal or the freezer has developed a small refrigerant leak and is not working as efficiently. The fact that you mention it is noisier, possibly suggest that the compressor is running longer than normal.
Suggest you call in a service engineer to get it checked out before you loose all of your frozen food.

billy the fish
31-03-2017, 06:26 PM
thanks for this advice. It's a few years old now and was ex-display (part of an MFI display kitchen) so we may well replace it with a Costco one - due to their returns policy. I guess that the cost of an engineer visit / repair may not be cost effective anyway? We are in Derby by the way. I'd be very happy to take any advice that folks can offer though.

17-04-2017, 12:42 PM
I have the same issue, I have removed the inner panel to expose the evaporator, compressor runs ok, it isn't low on gas as the fridge is working ok and is fed from a diverter valve, freezer Evap fan doesn't run for long at all, intermittently for roughly 5 seconds at a time and about three minutes apart, it appears something is calling for the fan to stop, the heater also comes on the Evap, I've tested the probes using the hot point diagnostic although have not measured the resistance,

i wondering if if the green probe is failing that's tucked in the evaporator,

anyone have any any views on this one?