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22-03-2017, 11:06 AM
Hi Forum,

I am looking to mod a vehicle and the question of A/c has come up - this question all about the science and principles of A/C

Long story short- have a vehicle and due to mods and oversized intercoolers and dual core radiators space is a premium. I could mount a condenser in front of the intercooler with a push fan but this would diminish the intercooler performance and the basis for investing in the first place.

So hence the question - can two (2) condensers be employed (which would provide more real-estate flexibility), any red flags/ pro/cons?

And if so...
would i need to replicate the same surface area of the factory Condenser to get similar performance (can this also be a 'thicker' condensers)

I had little luck locating a forum that was capable of answering un Automtovie

24-03-2017, 08:07 AM
Hello Itolond,
I see that no-one has responded to your question.
Working with refrigerants is licensed in most parts of the world so that emissions of Greenhouse gases to atmosphere can be controlled & limited.
I know that things are different in Singapore & other parts of Asia.
I expect that is why no-one has responded.
Specifically to your question, with refrigerants it is not as simple as just fitting a couple of tees & sending refrigerant to two Condensers.
It may technically be possible for your car, but economically I couldn't see that it would be worth paying someone to do it.
I believe that some luxury cars & small buses may use two evaporators. but I don't think that I have heard of an automotive application which uses dual Condensers.

24-03-2017, 08:55 AM
Hi peter,

thanks for the response - this will be -degassed by a reputable A/C crew if need be (meet enviro standards)

this is a space restriction issue on a custom build. - i assume the two condensers can be placed in parallel or serial configuration