View Full Version : Words of wisdom from the "other Half!"

07-03-2017, 08:36 PM
An old colleague of mine, retired now.
Once told me about a colleague of his, who was on call.
His wife took a call from an Engineer who explained that "He" needed to ask the Engineers opinion on a problem.
As He was not available.
"What's wrong?" ask the wife when told she replied "It sounds like the expansion Valve to me!"
She apparently was spot on and Had, been listening to Her husband on occasions.

Another of my friends has a lovely Partner, Who after any extended call outs.
Cuts any conversation short by just asking "Did you Fix it Dear?" Followed by "Ah! Good!"

Mine on the other hand will Say. "Think of the overtime!"
Which of course means. "I have spent it before you have earned it!"

The Viking
08-03-2017, 03:57 AM
Well that does ring a bell.

My long suffering significant other half works at a hospital, in the nuclear medicine department where the equipment she uses relies on AC all year round.
She is well known by their facilities team when it comes to AC issues, in fact, they have given her the contact details to the AC contractor and asked her to call the contractor directly whenever there is a problem.
The AC contractor even send her a Christmas card every year as a thank you for sorting minor problems out herself and telling them what is needed when she has to call them out.
(At one point she even "nicked" my megger to be able to troubleshoot one of their units. OK, this was after their "engineer" couldn't figure out what was blowing a 32A fuse)