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06-03-2017, 01:51 AM

I'm hoping someone here has the knowledge to help me. It seems like such a simple thing but I haven't had any luck in my search.

I recently purchased a 2nd hand Samsung Fridge (model number SR301NW). To be honest I'm not very happy with it. It seems very noisy, the compressor cycles on or off every 30 mins and when it's on it is obnoxiously loud. I have checked the mountings and there is nothing vibrating and buzzing, it just seems to be the noise the compressor makes. Should a compressor be loud enough to hear in another room when it is running? The fridge is in an alcove with walls on 3 sides.

Now, it does have a 6 month warranty from the shop I bought it from, however as far as keeping food refrigerated it is doing it's job fine and I suspect they will be a bit reluctant to honour it as long as it is basically functioning, even if not as it was designed to. So before I do that I thought I would try a few things before I get involved in that debate with them

On the back of the fridge there is usually an access panel, like this one


I realised that the fridge I bought did not come with one. As I understand it, that panel is important in creating airflow for the condenser fan. Does the fact I don't have one mean that the fridge will cycle on and off more often. Were does one go about getting a replacement, my googling has not turned up anything for my specific model. All parts are buried amongst thousands of others!

Would it be possible to create a replacement one? I see some of them are made out of cardboard.

The compressor runs pretty hot, not burning to touch but you wouldn't want to hold onto it for long, could this be because of the airflow problem?

Thanks for your time.

06-03-2017, 09:39 AM
I feel a bit foolish, but i got home today and pulled the fridge out again.

There is no fan on the back of the fridge. It seems like the compressor just sits there on it's own and cools into the air. It is still running very hot and noisy. You can touch it but you wouldn't put your hand on it for long. In this case I assume that covering the compressor would not be a good idea, as it would trap the heat.

I've attached some pictures, I was unaware that the compressor would have no cooling system in place.



Reclaim Rag
06-03-2017, 05:30 PM
Hi mate, these are the early models of a samsung fridge, it appears the it does not have a condensor fan motor or a exposed condensor, meaning it extracting heat from in it mullions, in regards to your compressor been noisy, just sounds like just old age, over time the mechanical side of the compressor starting to slowly fail, eg short of refrigerant, motor winding, start capacitor and start relay, which can lead to mechincal seize, good luck anyway, we use to charge call out fee, 1 hour labour plus part and gas and weld, rarely on a out of warranty job, sincerly former samsung tec ;)