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02-03-2017, 02:33 AM
Need help. Please be patient with me Im not a tech. We have an old freezer that 60' x 65' x 12' tall on a non insulated concrete floor. We need unit to be 0 degrees F. Everything going in is frozen
Panels are close to 50 years old.
Question is can I install a new 4" panel inside unit and leave the old one in place? Will this help?
Also How do I figure out what size units I would need if all my panels were new.

The Viking
02-03-2017, 03:20 AM
The biggest question here is how long do you intend to use this freezer for.

If you are answering that question in weeks then go ahead and look at reusing what you got.
If you on the other hand looking at an answer measured in years then you really need to look at running costs.

Assuming that you got a room with produce in and nobody opens the door then you are only paying for the energy (coldness) lost through the fabric of that room. The worse the state of walls, ceilings and floors the more you will pay to keep it cold.
As you can imagine, any cost savings by utilising 5o year old insulation will soon be eaten up by the electricity bill.
Not to mention that a non insulated concrete floor in a freezer soon will start to break down and cause issues on its own.