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28-02-2017, 11:13 PM

I moved into a house last year and it already had installed an aircon unit in 3 of the bedroom. The house was a repossession so no info on how to use and no remote control etc.

The 3 units are the same. The inside units are LG SO9AW (AS-W096RPH0) and the outside units are LG S12AW (AS-W126RPH0)

I purchased a universal remote and when I switched them on all 3 have the same issue. The units run for about a minute and then they shut down. The same happens if I select a heat or cool setting. The light on the front flashes 6 times. I understand this is has the following error code:-

"Indoor unit coil sensor fault. Disconnect from PCB measure resistance. 10 kOhm at 10C and 4 kOhm at 30C. if not replace sensor. Split = text 21"

Would anyone be able to confirm if this is the correct code? Not sure if this is an expensive fix where I may have to replace the boards etc, especially if I have to do it for the 3 units?

Any help much appreciated.


01-03-2017, 02:13 PM
These units are now discontinued from the LG range and may be slightly more difficult to obtain spare parts for.
If the unit numbers you have quoted are correct, then it would appear that you have size 09 indoor units connected to size 12 outdoor units, which is probably not the cause of your operational problems, but could lead to poor operation of the units.
You could try contacting LG on 0344-847-5454 for further help and guidance.
I am not in anyway connected with LG, just found this number for you.

charlie patt
02-03-2017, 06:35 PM
These lg units we have had issues before they are listed as domestic not commercial units and the fault codes on pre 2009 are not the same as the codes you are reading for commercial pull outdoor panel of switch on and watch comp after a delay comp tries to kick in and stalls very common in cold weather as no crank heater but normally comp issue or cap on board if u have a lg controller you can put on powerfully mode which temporary by passes sensor on indoor

03-03-2017, 09:33 PM
Hi. Thanks for the replies. Just checked the numbers and they are correct.

Charlie, just to confirm your comment. If I find a compatible LG controller there a "Powerfully" mode which will bypass the issue that's making the unit stall?

charlie patt
04-03-2017, 05:39 PM
In power mode unit runs flat out for half a hr pre 2009 what room temp is irrelevant