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14-02-2017, 09:38 AM
Hi all,

Please bare with me as this is my first post on here.

I wonder if any of you guys on here might be able to assist me with something....

I have been running a small business in the Highlands doing service, maintenance and repair of Automotive air con i.e Cars, Tractors, Plant machinery etc. Manually I might add not using an automatic machine!

We have a severe shortage of refrigeration engineers up here and as so much of the Highlands depends on tourism there is a high concentration of hospitality establishments.

After much discussion I decided that I wanted to diversify and be able to carry out service and maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration.

So where am I up to now - I have my F Gas, Skillcard etc and I am booked to go down to Ellis for some courses i.e service/maintenance repair course, BRA Brazing and their C & G Split AC Course to increase my knowledge in various areas.

What I really need though is some on the job experience and not just stuck in a classroom.

I would ideally like to find a couple of self employed ref engineers (Anywhere in the country)that might be willing to take me around with them for a day or two here and there. I would be more than happy to discuss a payment for this and I definitely make a good and strong Gofor!

I just feel that this experience is essential as before anyone suggests it, Apprenticeships etc are not an option up here when there are no companies doing it and no colleges that do any courses in HVAC.

Look forward to hearing back and any advice is greatly appreciated!



14-02-2017, 09:40 AM
Oh and I am doing everything I can on the practical side i.e Condensing and Evaporator units from Cold room in the garage, fridges in my shed!! Very much on the hunt for other items to work on like ice machines, freezers, bottle coolers etc

charlie patt
14-02-2017, 06:59 PM
If u can do plant ac commercial refrigeration is a walk in the park I pressume u ain't on the big stuff ? It's all same principle just you need mains knowledge the best thing with commercial is it ain't got wheels so it's going to be there when u get there good luck