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12-02-2017, 11:01 PM
Good evening, I have been experiencing some problems with a Whirlpool S25BRWW20-A/G, also posted this information on a different forum based in the UK but as yet have had no response, hopefully this does not go against any forum rules at all. Please see copy and paste below of problem details, sorry if there is a lot of it:

Hi, currently having a strange issue with a Whirlpool S25BRWW20-A/G American style Fridge Freezer. The unit has a new main control board fitted which resolved a problem with the heater element not functioning but there is a problem with the ice maker which remains.

Sometimes the ice maker compartment will fill with 70% water and the freeze cycle will complete, ice cubes ejected and then when the fridge freezer goes to refill the ice maker it sends approximately half a pint of water to the drinking water dispenser on the front!

The ice maker almost randomly fills the ice cube tray, yesterday after a power off and back on it 70% filled the ice cube tray, froze the ice cubes, ejected them, filled a half pint glass with water via the drinking water dispenser then also put some more water back in the ice cub tray! presumably it would have then ejected those cubes once frozen. Currently the ice maker is left off via the front panel otherwise it will end sending water through the drinks maker which in turn runs down the door and onto the floor if no glass is there to catch it.

Assuming the water valve is functioning which it seems to be then this leaves the ice maker itself or the control board in the door?

Would greatly appreciate any ideas as to what the problem could be, this question/problem has been raised in the past on other forums but no solution was ever reached so currently head scratching! :rolleyes:


Update on this problem, I have replaced the door circuit panel and also the ice maker unit today and the problem still remains! :mad:

There isn't much left to change now other than ice maker sensors and the water valve.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas they would be welcomed at this point.

Best regards


Further update in the hope that this might help someone else in the next few years!

The infrared sensor on the right hand side has now been replaced and just for my own sanity I replaced the water valve (knowing it was not at fault :snig: ) since no progress was being made. The original infrared sensor was not giving consistent results when tested by opening the door, i.e. two quick flashes followed by a second pause, then repeat - the new sensor is fine in this respect, two quick flashes followed by a second pause then a solid red light when the left hand flap (door closed and ice maker not full) sensor is pushed shut.

On the first ice maker refill it appeared to overfill with water but went through the freeze cycle and ejected a full complement of ice cubes, it was obvious they were overfilled as some were still joined together, the heater did work during the ice cube cycle. Immediately after ejecting the ice cubes the ice cube tray refilled with a normal amount of water and....wait for it....the drinking water dispenser in the front door filled a glass with around half a pint of water :o

As a side note when I run a diagnostics for fault codes, i.e. switch fridge freezer off for more than a minute, turn back on, open the freezer door and press the light sensor switch in 3 times during a 10 second period the fault codes count down and end up on a flashing 01 which suggests water dispenser not working. On the basis this machine now has new front a rear circuit boards, new infrared right hand sensor and a similarly new water valve my only conclusion is that one of the new boards is faulty since there is literally nothing else left?

Just for reference the parts replaced so far are:

Main control board (rear)
Front circuit control board (in the door/water dispenser)
Ice maker unit
Water valve
Infrared sensor (right hand side)

I will leave the ice maker turned on for the next 8-10 hours and monitor what happens re ice cubes dispensed and whether water comes out the dispenser in the front door! :)

In the past I have changed capacitors on the front and rear original panels which have resolved various problems but this time around decided to just bite the bullet and replace boards since my sanity is being tested and I am determined to get this thing making some ice cubes without churning out a glass of water on each cycle :D


No changes after 8-10 hours, problem still as above. If anyone has any clues it would be greatly appreciated, totally puzzled at the moment, virtually everything has been changed which can't leave much else to cause the problem.

When I run the diagnostics for fault codes the unit now goes to 0 suggesting its brain thinks the fundamental parts are all OK. I notice there is also some relay ticking from the rear control board, can be random, also sometimes happen when the freezer door is opened (light can flash as well), would this suggest the rear control board is still not 100% even though it is a new replacement?! also the front panel still ticks (relay?) sometimes, again, this has a new board fitted. :eek:

Fridge and freezer function fine I should add, temperatures as expected.

Any ideas greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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12-02-2017, 11:13 PM
I don't know your machine but a thought or two....

Check wiring to water valves and control boards. Is there a neutral fault as some of these systems have power fed to more than one component but switch the neutral around to activate them.

12-02-2017, 11:37 PM
Thank you Brian, appreciate you responding so quickly and I will look into what you have suggested tomorrow as soon as I get chance, did check over the cabling to the water valve earlier and that seemed to be OK. Determined to get to the bottom of this with some hair left.