View Full Version : Dixell XW500 no link issue

03-02-2017, 01:48 PM
Hi everyone,

I use a Xweb 500 controller for monitoring fridges, freezers, compressors and working areas in slaughterhouse. To control freezers i use XW264L controller, fridges with XW260L, compressors with XC706M and working areas with XW220L. A few days ago i lost communication with one of my fridge's and i start to search where is the problem. Everything was fine: rs-485 line, all NTC probes and actuator i replaced the old one XW264L with new, with same adjustments, then powerd him up. Communication was ok for a few hours, after that i lost entire rs-485 line :confused:. Stopped power supply of new XW264L and communication start working again WTF. I returned back the old XW264L communication was ok exept problematic fridge. Then replaced him with another new, the problem was same :mad:.
Thanks for any help!