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charlie patt
27-01-2017, 04:52 PM
2013 t 500 r
Has code 25 up and 61 one it was only charging 13.2 volts out of alt 11.6 on battery battery was flat others have fitted new belts battery but unit still tripping check alt and battery voltage charged battery to decent level and ran still only 13,2 out of alt so removed alt Sent for rebuild and they have advised no fault ? On alternator any ideas ?
Getting good voltage to alt from battery good earth correct battery ???? Ta charlie

27-01-2017, 11:15 PM
The on off switch fitted onto the unit bypass it,it's a common failure check the diagram on which way you need to bypass it,or replace it I have had numerous,let me know how you go on buddy.

charlie patt
28-01-2017, 06:00 PM
Ta cad I will

29-01-2017, 12:42 AM
Yes Charlie,that switch gets corroded,it not designed for outdoor use you could replace it for one that is more weatherproof you know it's good to have a switch upstairs when something goes wrong and your on the catwalk health and safety and the related bull ****

charlie patt
29-01-2017, 07:56 PM
The metal switches where no better will they ever learn I'm becoming a bit tired of transport at mo cad the commercial side is so busy and all I seem to do is modify gah hubbard kit to make it last longer the 350 351 kit is just poor I've even gone to the point of buying a lot larger driers on special order from a wholesaler as the bloody originals are just to small right rant over have a good day and thanks for your help

29-01-2017, 11:25 PM
Your right my transport business is a small proportion nowadays plus my health is not 100%,so I have a guy that I am training up me thinks I have about another year left doing hands on work,got a serious operation that has to be done asap and I keep delaying it,your correct about drivers on units with rubber hoses and seltec style compressors the drivers need to have more capacity,best of luck with that tk unit.