View Full Version : Samsung rf4287hars - lost refrigerant

22-01-2017, 06:23 AM
I am trying to fix a Samsung rf4287hars french door fridge. It lost the refrigerant, the low side pressure was negative, I added some refrigerant (R 134a) while running the pump, until low pressure became zero as the documentation said it should be. Total added was about 5 ounces. The fridge worked afterwards, with a fairly even frost pattern last I checked.

Now the next step, locating the leak. Does anyone know, by chance, the typical leak locations in this or similar fridges? It seems those fridges have a very high failure rate, which leads me to believe that there is probably a common problem at a specific location.

I have slight inclination to believe that the leak was at the low side as the fridge ceased working after being off for a couple months (which would've accelerated a low side leak).

edit: and while I would rather pressure-test it with nitrogen I unfortunately don't have the necessary equipment.

Reclaim Rag
06-03-2017, 05:42 PM
Even though illegal to use refrigerant to try to loacate a leak :( your best bet is the use soapy water or big blue, or a leak detecter "cheap on ebay", check every exposed pipes, Samsung is notorious for having leaks on the mullions in the corners of the cabinet, spent alot of time doing change overs, standard warranty is 5 year on a sealed system aka gas leak :)