View Full Version : Samsung DMV plus 4 RD120HRXGB

13-01-2017, 09:27 PM
Hi All

This is my first time posting on this forum.

I have a Samsung DMV plus 4 system showing error code E454. This states RPM error on outdoor unit fan motor.
I will be attending site soon to try and rectify this fault. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to what may be causing this issue or how it can be resolved?
I have worked on this site before and I know that the outdoor units are in an acoustic enclosure which may restrict airflow, am I correct in thinking this could be causing the issue.

All input will be much appreciated,


13-01-2017, 10:11 PM
Fan motor must have a speed output going back to the PCB which is determining is incorrect.
Never worked on a DVM system myself but all makes are similar so if it was me I'd be checking seized motor, PCB output, high voltage and control to motor, motor winding if on a separate plug and note fan motor might have it's own PCB to power it.
Enclosure might limit airflow but shouldn't bring up this fault if it was an issue, more like coil or discharge over temp but always a first time for everything