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06-01-2017, 12:09 AM

i'm planning on converting a 40 ft high cube reefer container into an office container in a very hot and humid environment and wanted to know if installing several mini split units such as the ones below will affect the structural integrity of the insulated reefer container since i'll have to drill holes. I will also have hot equipment and high heat emitting equipment operating inside of the reefer so I wanted to know if the built in ac unit of the reefer can handle the heat given off by the equipment. I've asked almost all reefer manufacturers and they are unable to tell me the total btu capacity of the built in ac unit for a used reefer container. Their answers was for example: at a set temperature of -35 degree F, the unit would be running at 35,000 btu which doesn't help me bc i'm trying to find out if I need to add additional mini ac split units to handle the excess heat that will be generated from the inside. Anyone know the total btu capacity of a built in ac unit for a reefer?

I was also told that these reefer containers were very loud to be used as an office container, is this true? No one was able to tell me the decibel rating coming from these used reefers. Are there specific models reefers that are quiet enough to be used as an office, and are newer used reefers 2012 range quieter than older ones 2002 range?

I'm not sure whether I should buy a newer reefer and spend a lot more money bc i'm afraid an older reefer ac unit will break down. But then again, I could just add additional mini split ac units just in case the built in one breaks, or simply buy a broken inoperable reefer ac unit and install all of my mini split ac units myself.

Another option was to go with a dry container and insulate myself. Does anyone know how much it would be to professionally insulate a cheaper dry container and do i run the risk of having mold develop between the wall and insulation? The reason why I wanted to go with a reefer container was that the walls are thicker and already insulated underneath the steel I believe which means mold can't grow on steel walls.

The local reefer site sales people have no idea the specs of the ones they are selling and seem to want to get rid of their old inventory to a noobie like me and the manufacturer aren't much help either.

I am wanting to know if the built in ac capacity differs by year of the used reefer bc i was planning on getting around 2002 range but was willing to get a newer 2012'ish reefer if it will last longer.

Also, I wanted to know if the built in ac unit was a dehumidifier or not. I know mini split ac systems are.

Thanks guys


06-01-2017, 02:49 AM
I would buy a steel none insulated type then have studded type/domestic walls fitted to it,so basically it's a steel shed install insulation which you will know the value of,lots were done in the London area one of my friends installed central heating and plumbing in them,they fitted Windows extra doors ,even multi plexed them into office blocks even to the degree of sitting one on its end to make a stairwell.

06-01-2017, 02:57 AM
If you look on YouTube you will see many conversions,I typed in "converting a shipping container into an office/home" best of luck.

06-01-2017, 03:25 PM
Built in reefer cooler unit will be far too noisey for office use.

They are designed to blow high speed air down 40 feet of trailer.