View Full Version : York YVAA - Low Suction Pressure Issue

20-12-2016, 05:54 AM

I have a York YVAA Chiller operating at my plant. From the past few weeks, the unit trips randomly on fault of "LOW SUCTION PRESSURE".

The unit is running on a low load, and the Difference between the Entering and Leaving is 5 Degrees C (Setpoint/Leaving: 7 Degrees, Entering: 12 Degrees).

I have checked all the valves/sensors and they are okay. Can someone tell me what else i need to check and what could be the cause of this? :confused:

20-12-2016, 06:14 AM
Your chiller sounds like it is low on refrigerant as the TD is correct but it is not loading up and giving low suc alarm.

If it is a newer model with aluminium micro channel condensing coils your leak will be in this area.